West Texas March 2010 Astronomy Pictures
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This is my April 2010 Davis Mountains Astronomy page.
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Milky Way Mosaic

2010 Dark Nebula Pictures

M5 is here

Below: M63.  Click here to go to the M63 Page for more information and close-up images.

The Sunflower Galaxy, M63

The Pinwheel Galaxy, M101

Close-up: Alien Heads?

This shows an interesting area of IC 4628, see below.

IC4628 - Prawn Nebula? What shapes do you see?  Click here for more info & a bigger picture

Click here for more on this reflection nebulae near Scorpius

Next: Moon, Mercury, and Venus Conjunction shots from April 15th.  Mercury is just below and to the left of the moon, which is about 2.75% illuminated per The Sky.

Wide Angle: Orion, Taurus, The Pleiades, Venus, Moon, and Mercury

The awesome blues come from the thin mountain air & the camera.  These are straight conversions from the camera, resized and sharpened (no color adjustments.)

Venus, Moon, and Mercury Above the Trees

Additional 4/15/2010 Images: Venus, Moon, Mercury: About to Set

 Venus and Mercury Set from the Davis Mountains

Details: From the cabin porch (so looking up a hill with ~3 degree horizon) around 9:20 top, 9:30 p.m., Sunday 4/11/2010.  The clouds eventually went away, and this was one of the three clear nights on the trip.   You can barely see the star Hamal, the brightest in  Aries, on the extreme low right at about Mag 2.  Mercury is mag .6, and Venus -3.9(bright!) according to The Sky.  Photo: 6 Sec, ISO 800, 105mm setting on 18-200 Nikon lens, D200, tripod.

Squeezed In: Mercury & Moon Conjunction in Telescope.  8:40 p.m. 4/15/2010, just over 1.5 degrees separation

April 13th: Dick, Scope, Zodiacal Light (the dim triangular cone of light rising out of the clouds), along with The Pleiades (right, above tip of scope) and the Hyades star cluster in Taurus (mid center, the V pointing down).

M89 & M58
West Texas 2010 Scenic Pictures

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