West Texas October 2007 Astronomy Pictures
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This is my 2007 Davis Mountains astronomy pictures page. My 10/2007 and 3/2007 pictures are on top, and links to my other pictures are towards the bottom.  Enjoy!

NGC 253, 20Da (Sculptor Galaxy)

This is a much closer re-shoot.

M31: Another Perspective Above: The ruddy dust lanes of M31 have always intrigued me.
M31 images here

M1, The Crab Nebula

Cocoon Nebula

M24, Barnard 92 & 93


10/2007 Scenic Pictures

See the 10/2007 Bugs here

Above, 10/2007: Comet LONEOS (C/2007 F1) Picture (click thumbnail for larger image) 
Main comet page is here

Orion: Widefield

Nebulosity Galore (2007)

Lightning Pictures

That's astronomy, right?


Winter Milky Way Pictures

Thor's Helmet
NGC 2359

Two nights combined

IC410, NGC1983

Much deeper than before

M59 and M60

Galaxies galore!

Rainbow Pictures

Yes, they're "real"

No pot of gold found 8-(


109 minutes exposure

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