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 Shadowbend Marshland Experience, The Woodlands
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Spider Lily

D200, 1/3200 at f7.1, Nikon 300mm f4 ED lens.  Scroll down for another photograph.


Iris: Giant Blue Iris (Blue Flag)

Previously thought to be a Southern Iris, Iris Virginica, Iris Family (Iridaceae) based the closest match in my "Texas Wildflowers" book.   Gil says, "...I dare to venture to lay my neck out on the tracks and call it Iris giganticaerulea, the Giant Blue Flag Iris, which is a marsh flower in eastern Texas. It differs from the Southern Iris, Iris virginica, in having a longer, more oblong, paler blue, and more streaked petal."  My book "Texas Wildflowers" shows a picture that's similar.  1/320 at F9, 105mm Nikon lens.

Bumble Bee with Iris Pollen Streak

Gil Confirms a Bumble Bee: "...Bumble bee, Bombus sp. I don't have enough information about your southeastern Texas bees to say with certainty, but your photo appears to fit Common Eastern Bumble Bee, Bombus impatiens."  1/250 at f8, Nikon 18-200 zoom.

Spider Lily # 2

Above: 1/500s at f11, Nikon 18-200 zoom

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