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This is my spider web page.  If you're looking for pictures of spiders check here.

Spider Web Water Droplets

Water droplets on spider web.  Starry Nights B&B, April 2015.  Handheld Nikon D750 camera, 105mm VR macro lens at f9, 1/500s at ISO 800, -0.3EV with spot metering.

Dewey Web

These dewy spider web pictures: Summer 2011 in Michigan.

The early morning sun provides some great light on this web.

These two images are 1/2 size on the web page; do "view image" in Firefox to see the HD-sized versions.  The early morning sun lights up the dew drops clinging to this funnel spider's web. Nikon D200 camera, Nikon 18-200 Zoom, 8/2011, from Lansing Michigan, 1/125s at fn13, 200mm.

Colorful Dew

Colorful dew drops thanks to the sunlight and refraction!

A Funnel Spider (?)


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