Noise Reduction and Image Stacking Example
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This shows how the process of digitally combining astronomy images can reduce noise and bring out areas that otherwise are too dim to see.  Below: a relatively noisy single image, 4 minutes exposure at ISO 800.

Note the Noise: Antennae Galaxies: NGC 4038 - 4039

The image above is a single, 4 minute exposure, with subsequent curves modification in Photoshop.  If your monitor is adjusted appropriately, you should easily be able to see a good bit of noise, especially in the darker areas.  You may not notice the "Antennae" though.  This very faint feature just about lost in the noise.  Below: noise reduction on single image...

The crop above is from the 1st image, but reflects one application of a  noise reduction tool ("Neat Image") at default settings.  I think its done a pretty good job.  Neat Image allows to you specifically sample the noise a featureless area of your image.  This works well for astronomy images that have some space between stars, such as this one.

Note the Antennae View

Stacking has brought out a very dim area of the image, processed in my normal workflow.

The bottom image is a digital combination ("stack") of  10 x 4 minute = 40 total minute exposures .  More exposure would will be better (as would better focus and tracking- the usual stuff!)!   The above view shows the dim, antenna trails, along with some of the noise and processing artifacts due to extreme image stretching.  

There is a mathematical formula* that applies: Generally, the image noise is reduced by the square root of the number of exposures. 

*I hope someone will correct me if the formula wrong ;-)

Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor) and Canon EOS D20a.   My current image processing workflow is here.

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