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Check out a couple 12/2010 Moon, Mars, and Mercury pictures from West Texas at this link.

The Moon & Venus rise over the Panther Creek Shopping Center in The Woodlands, 8/18/2009, 6:07 a.m.  The clock is not showing the correct time; hasn't been right for years!

Planetary Landscapes

Planet Alignment Pictures here

Venus and Moon: Close Encounter 2/27/2009

Nikon D200 Camera, Nikon 18-200 mm at 200mm, f8, 1 sec exposure.  The 4.4 mag star delta PSC is visible on the left, in the trees.

The Moon, Regulus, Mars, and Saturn July 5, 2008

The 12% illuminated crescent Moon heads towards the trees, followed by Regulus, Mars, and Saturn.  Nikon D200, Nikon 18-200 ED lens, f5.6, 8 seconds, ISO 400.


A Plane & Planets

Also about 8 sec. exposure.

This page is referenced from The Conjunction Project, which is fairly cool.

Venus, Moon, and Jupiter Conjunction, 9/6/2005 from The Woodlands

Moon, Venus, and Jupiter Alignment, 12/1/2008 from The Woodlands

A Closer Look at the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter Alignment from 12/1/2008

Note you can make out some of Jupiter's moons (Jupiter is the planet on the right).  Nikon D200 and Nikon 18-200 VR zoom. ISO 800 setting. 

Just for fun:  A plane in the shot, also from 12/1/2008:

Moon, Venus (center), Jupiter (very dim, to the right, can you see it?) 9/7/2005

Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Spica, and a Car, Rainbow Ridge Cir., The Woodlands, 9/7/2005

Nikon D100 DSLR & a Nikon/Nikkor f2.8 55mm macro manual focus lens at f2.8.

Venus, Mercury, and Mars Alignment: September 6, 2008

Venus is the brightest on the right, blazing away at mag -3.9.  Mercury is just setting into the trees on the lower left at mag .1.  Mars, at mag 1.7, is above and slightly to the right of Mercury.  Porrima, in Virgo, is the star above/right of Venus at mag 2.74.  (All values per "The Sky 6.") 

Mercury is about 4.3 degrees above the horizon.  Venus is about 3.5 degrees away from Mercury.  Nikon D200, 18-200 zoom at 200mm, .3 sec exposure at ISO 800, Neat Image noise reduction, curves,and resizing in Photoshop.

Saturn, Moon, and Venus

June 18, 2007, about 45 minutes after sunset from my front yard in The Woodlands, TX.  Saturn (left) and Venus (right) are about 9 degrees apart total.  This is a 2 second exposure at f8 using the Nikon 105mm f2.8 micro lens on the Nikon D200 and a tripod.  Conditions were somewhat hazy and you can see the wispy clouds mucking things up a bit; and it only got worse after this image was captured.

Venus, Uranus, and Mercury

2/7/2007 from The Woodlands TX.  Nikon D200, Nikon 80-200mm zoom.  Venus is the brightest object upper left, then to the right and slightly below you can see Uranus.  Way on the bottom right you can see Mercury.

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