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Cygnus the swan is high overhead on late summer nights and is well placed in the fall for those of us in the northern latitudes.  I runs through the mid-north summer milky way, so we see it as we look towards the plane of our galaxy.  Nebulosity (clouds of hot, glowing gas) runs throughout the area, leading to many photo ops.  Cygnus has many spectacular objects, including the Veil Nebula, and the Pelican and North American Nebulae.  I've recently added pictures of the Butterfly Nebula and the Crescent Nebula.  Check the images below to see for yourself.

Cygnus Area Wide Angle Shots

Western Veil Nebula Pictures

Eastern Veil Nebula Pictures

North American and Pelican Nebula areas (close-up)

North American Nebula Area - Wide-Field

North American Nebula "Gulf of Mexico" Area Close-up

Pelican Nebula: 10.5 Hours RGB + Narrowband

Butterfly Nebula Close-ups are here

Butterfly Nebula and Sadr/Gamma Cygni - wide angle pictures

Crescent Nebula

Cygnus 50mm

IC1396: The Elephant Trunk Nebula Area

Wide Angle Astrophotos

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