Cygnus Area Astrophotography - Wide Angle Images
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Cygnus Area

Cygnus Area - Wider!

See below for close-ups of the awesome objects in this area.

Cygnus Area Astrophotography Index

North American Nebula with 20Da

North American Nebula & Pelican Nebula

See the close-up version of the Pelican here.

North American Nebula Area - wide

Butterfly Nebula (Sadr = Gamma Cygni) wide angle pictures

IC1396: The Elephant Trunk Nebula Area

Crescent Nebula Image, NGC 6888, Cygnus

Cepheus Area Wide

These images are from a large mosaic created by using both the QHY8 CCD Camera with a Nikon 55mm f2.8 lens at f4, and a Canon 20Da (Modified) camera with a Nikon 28mm f2.8 lens at f4.

I spent my spare time one weekend working on this mosaic of the Cygnus area... Lots of gradients and imperfect fames to combine and try to match up. Quite challenging!  Aside from creating the mosaic, I used this Astronomy Image Processing Workflow.

October 2008 Astro Images

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